Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is a Party...

...or so it felt this week!  We celebrated with moms, kiddos and even some Girl Scouts!  We started with a Girl's Night Out where some fabulous mom's gathered at our shop for a night of decorating and catching up!  They each decorated a dozen cupcakes, and like snowflakes, no two were alike!  They did a fabulous job and hopefully, had a great time!  (I know I did!)

Later in the week we welcomed a Girl Scout Troop who opted for our 6" cake decorating party.  They each had their own personal cake to decorate with buttercream in a variety of colors.  They also worked with fondant to create accents for their cakes.  I love seeing their creations, which we boxed up and sent home to enjoy.  They were a blast to hang out with and we even got some moms in on the decorating action!

The following day it was time to celebrate with a birthday party at All Things Cake.  Eleven friends got together to decorate cupcakes with tasty buttercream and colorful sprinkles.  We even added some disco dust for a little cupcake bling!   They channeled their inner pastry chef (complete with chef's hats!) and created some yummy and adorable cupcakes.  No party is complete with our sampling some cake, so the girls chose a cupcake to eat before the birthday girl opened her gifts.  The best part is that the honoree isn't the only one who goes home with presents...all of our treats are packaged and sent home so no one goes home empty handed!

I can honestly say that this is the first job where I get to PARTY on a regular basis.  Don't be jealous...just come party with us, too!  ;)

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