Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penguins on Parade

What a busy week at All Things Cake! While most were on Spring Break, we were busy with classes, parties and of course, CAKES! We also had a private session request from a fabulous customer who was given a rather large school assignment: Create a life sized penguin!

What we came up with was a 30" tall penguin whose core is Styrofoam covered in rice krispie treats to add shape. The head and feet are also rice krispie treats that we sculpted. The body and head were then covered in black royal icing, which dries hard to hold everything together. The white belly as well as the beak and yellow features are fondant, which can be rolled out and cut in any shape. Eyes and toenails were then added. They were made of fondant and details were painted on with food coloring diluted with clear vanilla. Cardboard covered in royal icing made up the wings and tail. We then perched this penguin on a Styrofoam block of ice and secured it with sharpened dowels. The end result? A super-cute penguin, a lot of fun and hopefully an A!
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