Thursday, December 29, 2011

May I Have The Envelope Please?

I often make Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes, but a cake I made today is from one of my favorite categories...Gender Reveal Cakes!  What is a Reveal Cake, you ask?  Well it's just like a "regular" cake, but the batter or filling is colored either pink or blue based on ultrasound results that until the cake is cut have been kept a secret.   

For today's cake, time was of the essence, so I baked the vanilla cake while the mom-to-be was in the ultrasound office.  Then, after her appointment, she dropped a sealed envelope off to me at the shop.   I wait until she leaves, then I open the envelope to find out what color I need to tint the icing.  For a short period of time I am among a very select group that knows the gender of the unborn baby. I love seeing the future mom's anticipation and I especially love that she is gathering those closest to her to cut the cake, reveal the gender and celebrate what is to come!  I love that these cakes bring families together.  

Gender Reveal Cakes can be decorated in so many ways.  This cake was going to be served with all the excited grandparents present, so mom-to-be opted for a simple buttercream iced cake with baby pink and pastel blue fondant polka dots and question marks.  I added a little edible glitter and a simple bead border to finish it off.  So what color was revealed when this cake was cut?


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