Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wait...That's Sugar?

Groom's cakes sure have come a long way!  While we still create traditional Groom's Cakes with chocolate dipped strawberries and a ganache drip, we recently had the pleasure of creating a Groom's Cake for a groom who loves photography.  He sent us a photo of his camera and we went to work!  We prefer to keep all items on our cakes edible, so we rarely use plastic figurines and other non-edible items as accents.
 The end result was a rice cereal treat base covered in black fondant.  The lens was attached to the body with skewers then strips of fondant were added, textured and hand painted silver luster dust.  Other fondant details including buttons and the flash were added and painted.

The sugar camera was carefully transported to the reception site and placed on the Groom's Cake, which was a 12" Square cake iced in ivory buttercream with a rosette border to coordinate with the Wedding Cake. 

The wedding photographer was on-site documenting the big day and didn't realize that the camera was edible.  The groom came by as well and loved his cake and sugar camera...success!

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